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University of Jordan

Faculty of Pharmacy

Queen Rania Street
11942, Amman

The University of Jordan (UJ) is the first state-funded institute of higher education in Jordan. Established in 1962. UJ is considered both a modern as well as old institution of Higher Education in Jordan. Sines establishment UJ applied itself to the advancement of knowledge no less than to its dissemination. UJ is the most comprehensive university in Jordan. The bachelor of science level includes 94 different programs in the Arts, Business Administration, Science, Islamic Studies, Medicine, Nursing, Agriculture, Educational Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Law, Physical Education, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Humanities and Social Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences, Information Technology and, most recently, Arts and Design. The graduate education programs include: 38 doctoral programs, 111 Master's programs, 16 programs in Higher Specialization in Medicine, one program in Higher Specialization in Dentistry, and 3 Professional Diploma Programs. From an international perspective, the University offers 94 international programs at the undergraduate level, and 169 international programs at the graduate level and in all fields of specializations.
All programs offered by the University combine traditional academic lecturing with the more liberal methodologies of instruction which are based on dialogue, research and creative thinking. In the recent years UJ has been introducing and implementing the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM), and several of its program and internationally   certified programs. With respect to Information Technologies, UJ is very well-positioned.
Housing one of the two biggest educational hospitals as well as having an animal research care and facility, UJ is committed to implementing state of the art bioethics principles in research and practice. Therefore, it has established its own Institutional Review Board (IRB). It also fostered courses in research ethics and methodology for its graduate and undergraduate students. 
The School of Pharmacy was established in 1980. The School of Pharmacy established the first BSc in Pharmacy program in Jordan. BSc in Pharmacy program was established in the academic year 1980/1981 with two School members and a few part time lecturers. Since then strategic objectives of increasing the size and quality of School members was implemented. Continual recruitment of new competitive PhD holders in addition to offering postgraduate scholarships to outstanding graduates at reputable international universities provided the School with an increased, diverse and high-quality staff. Currently, the number of School members is (93) divided between PhD and MSc holders. As the first School of Pharmacy to be established in Jordan, our School has been providing the highest standards in pharmaceutical education and research for more than 35 years. The School of Pharmacy has long been recognized as one of the leading and pioneer centers for pharmacy education in Jordan and enjoys an outstanding national and regional reputation for research and innovation. The School of Pharmacy mission is to provide the community with pharmaceutical experts in order to improve the level of care and pharmaceutical services in local, regional and global communities; to ensure drug safety, through providing suitable academic and research environment.